Our history

For more than ten generations Damoli family, my family, has been living in Negrar, more precisely in the locality Jago, in the ancient Corte dei Merli.

Our ancestors have always worked the land of Valpolicella and at least since five generations, the main cultivation was the vine, as remembered the grandfather Francesco.
In the beginning they worked as tenant farmers and then as owners, the difference is little but important: they worked the land, but in the first case they must work for the owner, in the second the passion is the owner.
And the passion is the foundation of our reality.

The great-grandfather Gaetano inherited the knowledge of this work from his ancestors, and then he hand it down to his son Francesco, who put it in practice in the best way. The grandfather Francesco, known as “Checo dei Merli”, was born a century ago, exactly the 1st August of 1910 and was our source of inspiration.
He was a tireless worker (he cultivated his own garden till 90 years and nobody could say a word or help him!) and an outstanding producer of excellent classic wines Valpolicella. When he was young, he wanted to invent a work: in the 30s, with his father Gaetano, established the first business of Damoli wines, called “Rama”. It was a retail of glasses of their own production wines. Even if it has a fairly good success, after a few years they decided to close the business, because they couldn’t dedicate themselves to cultivation, production and sale at the same time.

The grandfather Francesco, after the death of the great-grandfather Gaetano (in 1958, at the age of 92 years), kept working in the country and his passion became so strong to hand it down to his son Bruno, my father.
The following years were years of great success and changes. The wine business was carried on and was improved more and more, my father began working in the company and he dedicated himself, for years, to the production of excellent wines. The 70’s are good years: thanks to the intuition and the character of the grandfather Francesco, the company grew more and more and got into the market of wine retail trade and wholesale trade. We had great satisfaction due to the winning of awards and recognition, very important for our small business: 1st Premio Palio del Recioto category Amarone e award for “faithfuls to land”.

But here comes the generational turnover: while maintaining farm attitude, the family business focused on other fields, temporarily putting aside the wine market. Despite that we didn’t stop producing wine for friends and for the simple pleasure of making it.
After the 80’s, came the 90’s…. something moved back. Daniele, my brother, oenologist of the company, began to express the desire to go back to the grandfather’s business. After the graduation, he started working in the vineyard and in the winery of two important companies in Valpolicella.
Experience and passion are growing and the desire to restart our business is greater and greater. Our father, Bruno, saw this desire of going back to the tradition and without hesitation endorsed the idea of Daniele. We restructured the small winery of the grandfather, whom departed this life few years before (at the age of 94!), we experimented a lot, in order to know the potential of our vineyards.
The new millennium began in this way. I grew up and studied. I believe in this project, after all we were born for this work.

And here we are, for some years our production has restarted and, after studying and making a restyling of the company image, we are ready to go.

Passion, grapes, land, wine and keen to work are ready.


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